About Vardhman Chemicals

Vardhman Chemicals
is a manufacturer of wide range of chemicals that are used in the construction industry, rubber, leather and agrochemicals manufacturing. At Vardhman Chemicals we aim at delivering high quality goods and providing impeccable services .We are a technologically driven company and excel in providing customized/tailor made solutions for our customers to suit their specific requirements. Working for continuous innovation and delivering unmatched services, we have achieved meritorious growth in a very short time.

At Vardhman Chemicals, we believe in adding value to our customers, business partners and employees and creating landmarks for ourselves in terms of growth and achievements. We give the highest priority to safety, health and environment management by adhering to strict procedures at all times.



To be a premier chemical company by providing cutting-edge, innovative and customised solutions to our customers


Our Values


The consumer is our boss, quality is our work and value for money is our goal. Our company is dedicated to the highest quality in all the work we do. Quality work, which results from our personal efforts, is the first ingredient of quality brands and the source of our reputation for high standards.


Customer satisfaction

Everybody has a voice...anybody can question the quality of any order. And the standard is very simple: put yourself in the position of the consumer, and if you wouldn’t be happy with what you’re going to give them, don’t give it to them.



A mutual benefit is a shared benefit; a shared benefit will endure. We believe the standard by which our business relationships should be measured is the degree to which mutual benefits are created. These benefits can take many different forms, and need not be strictly financial in nature.


Transparency & Team Work

We are greater than the sum of our parts. We believe that collaboration, partnership and teamwork can achieve what individuals alone cannot. 


Freedom with responsibility

We need freedom to shape our future; we need profit to remain free. As a business corporation and individual, we demand total responsibility from ourselves; as Associates, we support the responsibilities of others.




Our wide range of products is used in different industries. Click here to know about our offerings for the construction industry. We also manufacture dispersing agents that are used in rubber processing, leather processing, textile processing and many other applications:-





Super Plasticisers 

We offer a wide range of admixtures for construction in the SuperP™(Naphtha based) ,  WonderPlast™ (PolyCarboxylate based) and MeloPlast™ (Melamine base) series . These admixtures have applications in ready mix concrete, self-compacting concrete, high grade concrete, hot/cold weather concrete, reinforced concrete etc.


Air entrainers – Our AEA™ series of air entrainersimprove the workability and homogeneity of the concrete by introducing tiny air bubbles in the concrete. This results in decreased segregation and bleeding in the concrete.

Retarders - We manufacture the Retro™ series of retarders that is used to delay hydration of cement thereby allowing for longer hauls. They are ideal for use in hot weather concreting where conditions are hot and dry, and slump is low.

Grouts & Tile Adhesives

We offer the NS2™ series of grouts and Tile Master G™ series of products that are used in flooring, Joint filling, void filling, anchoring, pre-cast concrete and other applications.

Curing compounds

The SuperKure™series of curing compounds is ideal for maintaining internal relative humidity within the concrete element to ensure initial hydration in concrete and minimise cracks from shrinkage

Plaster Mortar

The SuperFlow™ series of Plaster Mortar is ideal for application in situations where plasticity is demanded.

Dispersing agents

SNF/PNS powders.  Vardhman Chemicals is one of the foremost manufacturers of Poly-Naphthalene Sulphonate/SNF powders . These powders are used as dispersants in

·         Leather Chemicals

·         Textile Chemicals

·         Manufacture of Synthetic rubber




Some of our clients include :-


·         ACC

·         Aditya Birla Group

·         Eliokem

·         Essar Group

·         JK Lakshmi Cement

·         Lafarge

·         Larsen & Toubro

·         Omnova Solutions

·         Tata International

·         Ultratech

·         Wagad Concrete



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